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Know More About Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget is a stylish desktop digital time and date widget that is designed for Android mobile phone users displays the time and date on your home screen.

One of the main reasons for installing this gadget is that it is easy to use. You can also know more about the digital clock for the elderly by clicking at

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In addition to the function of showing the time, there are other customized options. You can select different text colors of both time and date and choose one from five different date formatting types.

At first, we don't quite understand why developers develop this kind of software as there is already a time-showing function of the phone itself until we install the Digital Clock Widget. 

It does what a time tool should do, if you are just looking for a tool to display the time and date for you in a simple way, you should give this app a chance to shown on your home screen.

we could check out what date it is today anytime by a press on my home screen after installing this desktop tool, saving the trouble of turning on the calendar on my phone. 

One of the functions we like best is that you can choose one app you would like to access in a quick way by pressing on the clock, including music, alarm, browser. The last good point we would like to say is that you are allowed to pick up the time and date of one city you stay in. 

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