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Knowing Hair Styles That Fit Your Face Shape

You must choose a hairstyle that will match the contours of your face. A mismatch certainly won't look good on you. Your best choice is to consult with an experienced hairdresser. This expert can tell you the style that suits your face. There are basic rules in styling the hair about the shape of the face and haircut. The oval face is considered as the most ideal for the human eye. This should be a guide for you and your hairdresser. If you want to know more about luxury hairdresser visit

Below are some tips that can help you choose the perfect haircut when you go to the hair salon –

  • The oval is right so you can get any cut. You can choose well-cut or contemporary lovemaking that looks best on a sleek face. However, be careful with the short look especially if your scalp doesn't have a perfect shape. Very short trims may look distorted.
  • If you have a long face, your goal is to give it a shorter look. This can be made possible by choosing thin edges and cuts along the jaws. Avoid long pieces and no shape or straight and bob clothes that will only make your face look elongated. Make sure that the thick part of your hair is behind your ears and low up. Women with pointed jaws should avoid curling hair toward the chin.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a square face, stay away from cut hairstyles or proportions that will only draw attention to the four-sided figure. The soft curves will soften the square look with a soft fringe. Avoid rounded shapes and solid lines that can only increase the square shape.
  • For round faces, you can opt for varying styles, such as layers cut on the sides of the cheeks. These are more appropriate than flat, straight and smooth styles. The layers falling around the cheekbones will make the face look thinner. The hair on top gives a cambered appearance and stretches your round face. If you have a spherical neck, uneven layers in the neck will hide the fact. You can also opt for bangs that come down near your face.
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