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LED Strip Dimmer 12V With RF Control For Smart Home Lighting

DC low voltage LED strip lights are widely used for decorative and accent lighting for high reliability and security. To create the right mood for a different atmosphere, a dimmer led band with remote is required to control the lights to adjust the brightness, color, and dynamic mode change.

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Generally, DC 12V LED strip light is the most popular on the market, and to control them, 12V LED dimmer must be used. Because the lights were designed with input voltage is constant, the dimmer must be designed with a constant voltage output.

LED strip dimmer designed with PWM outputs that enable smooth brightness, color adjustment, and dynamic patterns change. And a constant voltage power supply is needed to power it.

LED strip dimmer able to control monochrome, double color, RGB, and RGBW lights. For monochrome LEDs, it enables dimming and switching with memory function and brightness savings. 

For dual-color (warm white and cool white) LEDs, enabling dimming of each white, switching, color temperature adjustment, color run mode, memory, and color saving function. 

For RGB / RGBW LEDs, allowing adjustment of brightness and switching of each R, G, B, W channel, RGB color tone adjustment, dynamic mode change, memory, color, and store scene function.

Many control protocols are available for 12V LED dimmer, such as RF and wireless WiFi, DMX512, 0 / 1-10V, and DALI, among others, RF is a large intelligent control solution for home lighting. The dimmer strip has a built-in RF receiver that receives the RF signal from the control panel. The distance between the control panel and can dim up to 20 meters.

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