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Main Points to Consider When Buying an Apartment In Spain

Some people in Spain just never want to be renters. They don't want to rent an apartment or home longer than absolutely necessary in their lives. One future owner dreams of the suburban ideal. Another buyer's heart beats fast at the thought of a truly urban lifestyle and buying the perfect 3 beds apartment in Spain. 

Which Comes First – the Apartment or the Budget?

For most people, the straight up answer is "the budget!" Before shopping for your perfect apartment, know your budget. Line up your financing ahead of time and prequalify for a mortgage loan.

But your apartment budget isn't just about buying the unit. Consider your lifestyle after you have bought and moved into your apartment. What do you want to do beyond the confines of your apartment – travel, regularly attend cultural events, become an entrepreneur? Plan your budget for not only buying and furnishing purposes, but also to accommodate your lifestyle.

And by the way, you also will need to budget for monthly apartment ownership expenses like association fees, parking fee, property taxes, trash disposal, elevator maintenance, etc.

Location and Amenities

"Location, location, location," is the realtor's mantra and it certainly should be important to you. Also important are the amenities of your perfect apartment. Make a Wish List of your ideal apartment and location. Your list might include:

• Proximity to the fine arts or restaurant district.

• Quick and easy access to reliable transit systems and a short work commute.

• A walking community where you can easily walk to your favorite shops, parks, and other interests.

• Specific security measures like camera security, a concierge, no public access.

• A deeded parking space.

• In-unit laundry.

• In-complex gym.

• A balcony of your own or a decent view.

• A specific amount of square footage, number of beds and bathrooms, layout.

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