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Maintenance of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is still a favorite choice for homeowners to care for the floor and take care of it. Unlike laminated wood or engineered wood, hardwood can be polished many times, will add to the beauty and warmth of your home for years, and increase its value and accelerate resale.  If your floor has scratches or looks dull, then you need to refinish your wood floors to get look shiny again.

Continuous floor maintenance is needed to keep your hardwoods looking the best, and there are four main aspects of hardwood floor treatment:

1. Cleaning wood floors

2. Repair of wood floors

3. Refinement of wood floors

4. Protection of wood floors

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Maintenance of wood floors, therefore, means sweeping and cleaning regularly – at least once a week, and after all events that leave dirt and sand.

When a deeper cleaning is needed, use a cleaning method that suits your floor surface. If your floor has a glossy finish, it means that water-based polyurethane, or urethane, or similar layers have been used to form a protective barrier on the hardwood.

Prohibition is as important as what should be done in the care of wood floors;

  • Do not use ammonia, ordinary floor cleaners, household cleaners, or clean hardwood products.
  • Never use candles on the floor with a urethane or other shiny coatings.
  • Never wash hardwood; use only a rather wet mop.
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