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Major Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & gas industry continues to change dramatically. The increase in oil and gas consumption in developing countries poses uncertainties in future trends.

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Oil derived from the earth's crust. Crude oil can be collected from the bottom of the sea creatures that died and got buried billions of years ago. It was formed when the decayed animal and plant got under mud and sludge deposits.

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The process involved in the oil and gas industry following this order:

Exploring> excavation> refining> Transportation> marketing

Exploring involves finding a new location for oil, leading to extraction and purification. Refining the oil converted into useful forms (such as gas or diesel) that we use in everyday life.

Involves transporting pipe through which the oil is transported to the oil tankers that carry it to a different place.

The oil & gas industry is essential for the smooth functioning of modern society. Every time there is a rise in oil prices, the price of a wide range of other products are also getting affected. Oil prices can be controlled if the cost of oil production gets lower.

It is necessary to ensure that the newly discovered resources are produced to keep the environment in mind. This should be done in a way so that the economy increased demand can be met without a higher price.

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