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Must-Haves In Your First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is the first thing you need in an emergency. It is important to keep your kit ready to use because you never know when an emergency will occur. Here are some of the most important items that must be in your kit at any time.


It is necessary to choose slivers, pieces of dirt, and other types of debris. You need tweezers because you don't want to remove dirt or debris directly from open wounds using your fingers. Plastic tweezers can be disinfected using alcohol and they come in various sizes to fit your kit size. You can also shop for first aid tweezers from to keep them in your first aid kit.

Small stuff: First Aid Kit Three Points of the Compass

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Adhesive and non-adhesive bandages:

The bandage is the most common item that you can find in an emergency kit. They also need to be refilled over time because they are often used. Adhesive bandages are useful for small cuts and bruises. The best is to hold on to adhesive bandages because they are easier to apply than ordinary bandages that need a medical ribbon to stay in place. 

However, you might also need a non-adhesive bandage in a situation where there is a need to cover inflamed, burning, or sensitive skin. The reason behind this is that adhesive bandages are not appropriate for use on open wounds or irritated skin.


Scissors are very important for emergencies. You will need it to cut the ribbon, cut the cloth, or to make tourniquets from the fabric strip. You can use medical scissors that can be pointed or tapered at the end for your first aid kit.

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