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Outdoor Wood Stove – Helps to Heat All Year

Due to the spiralling prices of Oil and Gas-based fuels, wood stove hot water heaters are gaining popularity. Many people are now looking for alternatives to heating fuels that are non-renewable, such as wood pellets, corn, and oil. 

Although there was initially some skepticism about wood stoves or boilers, many manufacturers have been able to develop highly efficient and cost-effective designs with the support of EPA. You can now get the best outdoor boiler installation by calling professionals. 

Best Wood Burning Stove Options For Your Tiny House

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A wood burning stove or boiler unit has another advantage. It eliminates the need to heat indoors and prevents breathing problems such as asthma from inhaling particulate matter, like ash, and harmful gases like Carbon monoxide. 

This is why an outdoor wood burning stove or furnace is recommended. It should be placed at least 30ft away from your house. How does it work? Wood, corn or wood pellets are fed into the boiler. The boiler allows the wood to burn at a controlled temperature by controlling the airflow rate and the temperature of the fluid. 

The boiler's outer shell is covered with pipes that are filled with water or glycol-based liquid. The heat from the combustion of wood in the boiler heat is captured by the fluid inside the jacket. It is then transferred to a heat exchanger underground, which transfers it to the areas that need it.

Where can such a system be employed? It can be used in both domestic and commercial settings where the maximum pressure is not exceeded 435psig, and the maximum operating temperature is below 430F.

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