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Overview of Green Card And Its Renewal Process

Immigrants are people who can live and work in the United States without restrictions. They can stay in the U.S. permanently for any length of time and are allowed to take part in all legal activities, work, and study. Immigrants are a limited number of foreign nationals allowed to permanently live and work in the U.S.

Before they can enter the US, both immigrants and non-immigrants must have a valid visa. A visa is similar in concept to a passport. A visa is a document that allows an immigrant to enter the United States. This card is also known as an Alien Registration Card. You can take the help of a green card attorney from to smooth the green card renewal process.

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A Lawful Permanent Resident is a person who has a Green Card. You have many options to apply for permanent residency, either inside or outside the country. A Green Card is valid for life. It can be difficult to lose Permanent Residency status if you don't do something to renounce or to go against the sole purpose of getting it.

Current day cards are valid for up to 10 years. A Green Card does have an expiration date but the Permanent Resident status is never lost. The card is a document that documents permanent residency status. It is not an identification card. Renewing your permanent resident card ensures it is current with all security features added by the government. 

An expired card can make it difficult to prove your legal status, accept job offers, or receive benefits. After any international travel, it is also difficult to re-enter the U.S. Note that applications for renewal of a current card cannot be filed beyond six months.  

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