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Prevent Identity Theft In Your Healthcare Practice

Do you know ways to prevent identity theft in your healthcare practice? What proactive steps are you taking? If you haven't implemented policies, procedures, and education for your personnel to prevent identity theft, your practice is vulnerable to identity thieves who specifically prey on professional practices. 

From unsecured IT systems to a general lax approach to protecting patients' private information, your healthcare practice is open to a multitude of identity theft breaches. If you want to explore regarding theft attorney, you can visit

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Your employees are your first defense against identity theft. Teach them critical identity theft prevention strategies with these four ways to prevent identity theft:

Conduct Employee Background Checks

First and foremost, you must carefully screen your employees during the hiring process. The identity theft prevention process you put into place will be wasted if you have an identity thief "on your team."

Copy Healthcare Cards

If the patient doesn't have the card but can rattle off the ID number, this is a red flag. Most patients don't have their healthcare ID number memorized.

Control Accessible Information

Another one of the most important ways to prevent identity theft is to make sensitive patient information available to specific employees. Password-protect computers and only give certain employees access. Not everyone on your staff needs access to patients' credit card information or other private data.

Prevent Carelessness

Sadly, negligence is often the culprit. Employees may leave patients' charts in plain view, forget to logout of the system after a transaction, or even send personal information on one patient to another in error.


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