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Protect Your Roof With Commercial Roofing Services In Dallas

If you (or your company) are planning a roof repair, but have no expert ideas on how to do it professionally. You may want to consider getting serviced by a commercial roofing company. 

But before you even go to find a potential roofing service provider, it is a good idea. If you learn some important information about roofing installation, different types of roofing services. For more information about commercial roofing companies, you can visit

Commercial Roofing

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Single-ply roofing 

Single-ply roofing products are usually applied to insulating material and secured with ballast, mechanical fasteners, or an adhesive. There are several benefits of this type, including the reduction in energy use and cooling costs of a building.

Fluid Roofing  

This is a system commonly applied to low slopes and flat commercial roofs – roofs can be either old or new. This can prevent water from entering a structure and it provides an effective energy-saving advantage due to the reflective surface. The fluid is applied through the use of a sprayer, roller, or brush, forming a monolithic membrane with no seam.


Another service you can get from a roofing company, aside from roof installation, is waterproofing. It is a type of coating applied to concrete walkways, decks or garages. 

The system provides an alternative method for floor and surface restoration for both new and existing concrete surfaces. Waterproofing, when applied to damaged concrete surfaces, should make them look like new, while the cost is minimal.

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