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Regenerative Medicine Distribution in NJ – Transforming the Drug Discovery

Despite the explosion of knowledge in basic biological processes controlling tissue regeneration and the growing interest in repairing/replacing diseased tissues and organs through various approaches, the pharmaceutical industry has been reluctant to fully adopt these technologies into the traditional drug discovery and research and development process.

In this article, I discuss knowledge-base gaps and other possible factors that may delay the full incorporation of these innovations in pharma R&D. I hope that this discussion will illuminate key issues that currently limit synergistic relationships between pharma and academic institutions and may even stimulate the initiation of such collaborative research.

Breakthroughs in stem cell biology and the clinical evaluation of regenerative therapeutics offer an unprecedented opportunity to transform traditional pharma research and development and revolutionize future medical practice. Capitalizing on these opportunities will require a significant transformation in the pharma R&D model, including a shift in the way pharma and academic institutions interact. Businesses in need can contact a trusted regenerative medicine distributors via for their research and development purpose. 

Although scientific breakthroughs are driven mostly by academic institutions, the conversion of novel biologic insights into successful medical products is dependent on the drug development and distribution infrastructure available in traditional pharma.

In this context, successful, purpose-driven innovation at the academia–pharma interface necessitates a mutual understanding of several factors including general philosophy, long-term vision, operational and cultural paradigms, and key drivers and stressors across both of these enterprises.

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