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School Holiday Activities for Your Kids

School holidays …. when all parents are afraid because it means trying to bring up new and interesting things to do with children so they stay busy. The following ideas should help keep smiles on children's faces and hence smile on you.

Roll up your sleeves and ask the children to help you make a baking session. Try making some delicious snacks like gingerbread and chocolate biscuits.

You can request an info pack for school holiday activities in Gold Coast. There is various education and learning program for kids to enhance their skills.

By involving children, they will be entertained while they wait for them to cook and can design their own food. But the state of your kitchen is not guaranteed!

If the weather looks stable and warm for several days, make camp in your backyard. Children of all ages will love it, and they can have their friends to camp under the stars.

It will be like they are on vacation but don't need to travel further than a few meters at the back door. You can even cook camp style dinners to add to the experience, supplement it with marshmallows by the fire!

For rainy days when you have to stay indoors, play story writing games. This game works best with a group of children who are so perfect for playing days when you have your children's friends.

Start by writing one sentence at the top of the page and giving it to the first person. Have them write one sentence and fold the paper so that the next person can only see the sentence before. Pass paper around the group and in the end you will have a funny silly story that kids will love.

One way to combine outdoor and indoor is to make a collage by collecting items from the garden. Children can make collages from bark collected from gardens, leaves and flowers.


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