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The GPS tracking system has been suggested by some as a guideline for correcting future sex crimes. With this tool, the authorities can monitor probation officers easily and reliably, without having to spend large amounts of government funds on detention. It is really convenient to track these crimes even more easily by hiring professional lawyers by clicking at:

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In practice, however, this tracking system is not yet ideal. In 2007, Arizona lawmakers found that only 140 people were given 35,000 notifications, reflecting the large number of false positives the system generated. 

Further studies found that maintaining a charged device can be a problem. In California alone, homeless inmates rose 900 percent between polls and the GPS Act went into effect. Without a central location to mark the GPS trial period, the ability of the police to use the tracking device effectively is severely limited.

Taking economic factors into account, the original purpose of GPS tracking, which turned out to be an update of the traditional experimental method in 2005, was to connect experimental workers to the local area. 

In general, ownership of a house or permanent residence is one of the legal expectations. Given the new challenges that have emerged from the economic downturn, the challenges of a more flexible society have led some to rethink the usefulness of GPS tracking.

Since the entire surveillance system consists of the tracker itself, a device charger, a signal receiver, and a computer with GPS data analysis software, the possibility of electronic communication or device malfunction could lead to more rigorous technical problems or false alarms for the authorities. With alternatives to traditional suspended sentences or extended prison terms, many countries are ready to accept the flaws of the system.