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Shoe Inserts Can Cure Hammertoes?

Many retailers and chain stores have started offering shoe inserts on the market due to the growing demand from the public. Only a handful of these merchants have employees, salespeople, and managers who are knowledgeable about how shoe inserts work and how they affect foot function.

Inserts are often misrepresented as being able to treat hammertoe defects. This is why we will discuss the condition and how shoe inserts can help. You can also look for the best hammertoe treatment in Baltimore via

How do I Choose the Best Hammer Toe Treatment? (with pictures)

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What is Hammertoe Deformity?

This is a common problem that affects the movement of the toes. Researchers believe there are many reasons you could develop this condition. However, the most common reason is your feet ' structure since birth. This condition is more common in those who are flat-footed or high arched.

Although hammertoe can be seen in some children, it is not common. It's not noticeable in the early stages, and it is often difficult to notice when it becomes more severe. 

Retailers claiming shoe inserts can alter the hammertoe are completely false. No shoe insert can treat hammertoe at any stage. Shoe inserts can actually cause more damage if they are not used properly. Hammertoe deformity can only be treated by surgery. 

But can functional orthotics cure hammertoe?

Although no device can correct this condition, a functional orthotic can help prevent it from getting worse. It does this by fitting the foot properly. It corrects the imbalance tissue of flat-footed people. 

These benefits cannot be achieved or offered by the shoe inserts that are sold by retailers. It may be expensive, but those who are suffering from hammertoe problems will find it worthwhile.


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