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Should You Give Your Dog Chicken Jerky Treats

Doggie treats are definitely something that your dog will enjoy. One popular treat that can be found on the shelves of the store is chicken jerky treats. While it is tasty food for your dog, you may be worried about giving it to him as a warning that the FDA has issued prevention to cure, especially those made in China.

While the FDA continues to investigate the contaminated products, the agency, so far, not been able to determine the specific cause of the contamination. The question that dog owners like you might be asking is whether or not these treats should be given to the dogs. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

But first, let's look at the advantages of giving chicken jerky treats for your dog. If treats are of high quality, there is no doubt that it is an appetizing and healthy treat. It is high in protein and low in fat, so it is an ideal snack for your dog. You can find these healthy doggie treats at

However, substandard products, generally made in China, has a bad name. This does not mean that you should avoid giving to your dog at all, though, as long as you take certain precautionary measures when buying and giving it to your dog.

One important thing you should consider when you are thinking of giving a treat for your dog is a country where it was manufactured. Chicken jerky products made in the United States and India are highly recommended especially for tight manufacturing policy in the country, thereby ensuring the quality and safety of products.

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