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Simple and Eco-Friendly Ways to Unclog a Drain

What options do you have if you try to unclog a sink or bathtub drain without the use of expensive chemicals and potentially dangerous? Here are a few options to try a quick, easy, inexpensive, and environmentally conscious.

Boiling water: Fill a pot or a pan of water and bring to a boil on the stove, or use a microwave-safe container and boiling in the microwave. Apart from this, you can also visit if you want to hire drain unblocking experts in Dublin.

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After it is boiled, carefully transport it to the problematic channel and began to pour it in slowly. It is usually better to pour a little at a time, leaving the rest of a few minutes in between so that water can start to break down clogged.

Bent wire clothes hanger: Unwind wire clothes hanger and make it as straight as possible, leaving a small hook on one end. Be aware that you may start to pull some dirty, smell things! If you do not have a wire hanger, you can buy a special cleaning tool at the disposal of the hardware store. Once you have removed a clump of hair and gunk, run hot water – or re-engineering of boiling water.

Baking soda and vinegar: If you combine these two ingredients before, you know that they fizz like crazy when you put them together. sizzling really can help to unclog the drain – combine 1/3 cup baking soda with 1/3 cup of vinegar in a measuring cup and immediately pour into drains clogged.

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