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Solar Blanket Pool Covers – Tips to Get the Maximum Life Out of Yours

A solar pool blanket cover looks like a very thick bubble wrap in appearance. good quality solar blankets are made to last and there is very little that can go wrong with them. 

However, there are some things that must be done to ensure you get the maximum life out of your pool cover. Read this blog to know more about solar covers.

Always keep the pool water chlorine levels within acceptable ranges

While very little can go wrong with a solar blanket, a situation which will shorten its life is excessive chlorine levels in the pool water. 

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Avoiding this condition is very easy and it will automatically happen if you follow the normal routine maintenance of the swimming pool. 

In general, most of the professional pool maintenance advise pool owners to have their pool water is tested regularly, approximately every four to six weeks. 

By doing this, and with the correct advice that follows this test, the owner can maintain the correct concentration of chlorine in the water to just keep the pool into balance.

Due to the fact that the solar blanket will slow the loss of chemical pool experience through evaporation, it is preferable that after installed solar blankets, water testing must first be in about a week this blanket installation. 

By doing this together with the normal regular water testing chlorine attacks the problem too much solar blanket will be removed.

Always fit a solar blanket cover the sun when you are not in place on the water

Solar blanket pool cover is a very good conductor of heat from the sun and for this reason, they should not be exposed to the sun without protection for a long time when they are not on the water surface.

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