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Steps For Root Canal Diagnosis And Treatment

When you visit your dentist and they decide you need a root canal, they will take several activities to save your tooth and restore your help. They include:

1. X-rays: This is the first activity dentists will perform if they suspect you may need a root canal. They will take an x-ray to examine your teeth and determine where a cavity or abscess might be. You can contact the professional root canal dentist via for the treatment of your teeth.

2. Anesthesia: When you go to the office for a root canal procedure, you will be treated by the dentist under local anesthesia. It is applied to the affected tooth. This will protect you from pain and other discomforts during the procedure.

3. Pulpectomy: In this procedure, the dentist drills your teeth and removes the infected pulp.

4. Charging: This is a procedure performed on open roots. The pulp is removed from them and refilled with an ingredient known as gutta-percha. The dentist then sealed it with cement.

Your dentist can give you a permanent crown for approx 15 years after the root canal process, and in some cases, your dentist will place the crown on the same day. Your new tooth form will take hours or days to return to the office, so you will likely be making a second visit.

The teeth condition and the expected results will determine which cosmetic dental procedure is right. Your dentist can answer any questions for you, For example, what to expect during treatment, what changes have been made and what types of treatment may be needed.

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