Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing


Usually, the term ‘market’ mentions to a place wherever buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods and services. Social media is very important and plays an important role in business. Digital marketing is a part of internet marketing to get traffic, more business presence. There are digital marketing agencies in Singapore like delivering email marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Media sales, and mobile selling services.

There are different categories of marketing, but there are two main segments, the first is the traditional marketing and second one is digital marketing.

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Traditional marketing refers to any type of promotion, advertising or publicity, which is commonly used by companies / enterprises for a long time, and that has a proven success rate.

Traditional engineering methods including print ads, such as newsletters, billboards and newspaper ads. Another form is television, advertising, radio advertising -broadcasting about products or services of the company.


Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to marketing through online media such as search engines, websites, social media networking and marketing emails. Digital sometimes also called online or internet marketing.

Digital marketing techniques (latest) including SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (Search engine marketing), marketing content, marketing campaigns, e-commerce marketing and social media marketing.

There are various reasons for the growth of digital marketing.

1) Digital marketing techniques more effective than the traditional concept.

2) Digital Process faster than the old one, so that the result-oriented.

3) Each company / individual track / performance.

4) All processes that are reliable generate better revenue.

5) Digital Media enables communication with a beset viewer.

However, there are various influences that disturb the company's ability to develop and maintain successful transactions and relationships with target customers. There are generally two types of environments in each organization

Requirements Of Optimal Graphic Design

All good designers are familiar with the term that designing involves many things. Pleasant graphic design can be broken down into four steps. Want to know how to make documents that look professional?


Proximity means you to group related items together. Bring the two together so that the human eye can recognize it as a cohesive group. This is a visual signal that the reader will immediately understand.

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You can also hire professional and optimal graphic design and logo design services to get the best graphic designs for your business.


Beginner designers sometimes place elements wherever they will fit. This can make a messy professional appearance become unprofessional. Good alignment means that nothing is aligned on the page arbitrarily. Each item must have a visual relationship with something else on the page.


The idea of repetition involves including repetitive images throughout your section. It doesn't matter if you design bulletins or websites, repetition is important. Repeat elements can be logos, fonts, photos, or whatever you want. Repetition unites your design.


Contrast is a great way to add visual interest to your graphic design. Contrast can occur by placing two very different elements near. Contrast can be made in various ways. You can use very large fonts with very small fonts.