Helping Children To Stop Thumb And Finger Sucking

There are several things you can do to help your child stop thumb sucking. It's important to focus on the positive and reward your child. 

Depending on your child's age and abilities, you can try the following suggestions:

Reward and offer encouragement –  for example, with a hug or praise to strengthen their decision to stop the habit. You can also visit Nipit to buy the best thumb-sucking guard for your child.

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Limit nagging – when kids feel they are being nagged, they become frustrating.

Mark their progress on a calendar – for example, put an asterisk or tick mark for each period (such as a day or week) that the child doesn't suck their thumb or finger. Offer outings or special toys when children make it through the period successfully.

Promote connection – for example with special toys.

Reminder – Give children gloves to remind them not to suckle or put bad-tasting nail colors (which are offered by pharmacies) on their fingers or thumbs. Placing the patch on their thumb before bed is added reminder.

Offer a distraction – while your kid is watching TV, have toys ready for children to play with. During this time, sit next to the baby and hug to help them not to suck.  In the car, have toys available to keep them engaged.

How to Stop a Child from Sucking Their Thumb

Many children suck their thumbs as a way to calm themselves down. It is a relaxing activity and every time they go to bed or get angry they will start to suck their thumb or finger. At this early age, this is an acceptable activities. It is harmless and actually can be good for them.

Most parents often wonder about when should a child need to stop sucking their thumbs. Most professionals used to believe that as long as children stop sucking their thumbs before their permanent teeth begin to come no harm will be done. To get rid of this habit, you can purchase thumb sucking guard online.

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It has been proven to be untrue. It has been proven that if children continue to suck their thumbs as early as between 2 and 4 years they can cause permanent damage to the tissues of their jaws and teeth the way they grow in.

At about the age of the children have to develop other methods to cope with stress in their lives. If you have children of this age and does not show signs of kicking the habit it is a good idea to step in and use some of these tips to help your child stop relying on their fingers for comfort.

Try to limit the time children suck their mother. Tell them that it is the sleep activity or activities to their bedroom. Your goal here is to reduce the time they suck their fingers. This will make it easier for them to drop the habit all together.