7 Popular Places to Propose to your Girlfriend

If the time has finally come for you to propose to your girlfriend, you're probably looking for the most romantic place possible. Even if you're girlfriend is super picky, you'll still be able to find the best spot that'll have her adoring you for your decision, rather than giving her a reason to say no to your proposal.

If you're stuck for ideas, however, knowing where to get started could be tricky. Finding sources of inspiration need not be hard, however, and with a little bit of homework, you'll be able to find a proposal place that's sure to be a hit. You can check this site to get more information about it.

City of Rome

A glorious city, you're girlfriend would be happy if you took her here just for the sights. Though when it comes to proposing, what's better than being asked for your hand in marriage, whilst you're in a coliseum? If you're visiting Rome, you'll want to make sure you have a nice place to stay, so nothing gets in the way of your plans. Finding a good hotel can be done with relative ease, and if you’re thinking of pushing the boat out a little, you'll be able to find some Rome luxury hotels for a good price if you shop around.

New York

A famous location for the many rom coms your girlfriend probably loves, New York can be a great place to propose. If you're stuck on ideas, in terms of the best area to do things, you always have the top of the Empire State Building as an option.


One of the most romantic places in the world, it's hard to beat the idea of a proposal in the city of Paris. Add on top of that the fact it's a great city to start with, give Paris some thought when choosing places to propose.


Why not take your girlfriend out on an unsuspecting day trip, and then propose to her in the London Eye? A great idea for those who aren't looking to travel much, London gives you the chance to propose to your girlfriend in an amazing location, without having to book flights abroad.


The beach is a great place to relax, but it's also a great place to propose! If you think you're girlfriend is the type for strolls down the beach, why not take a stroll down the beach with a difference, and propose to her on one in the Maldives, home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world.

On a Gondola In Venice

A gondola ride is already a romantic experience, so why not take advantage, and propose to your girlfriend the midst of this romantic haze? By choosing a Gondola as your choice, the only thing left to worry about is making sure you don't fall off the gondola as you prepare to propose!

Scene Of the First Date

It might not be a spectacular destination, though it will impress your girlfriend.  Find out the location of your first date, and think about proposing there. Your girlfriend will likely recognize the scene as soon as you get there, so don't be surprised if she does. After all, she also happens to remember everything else about your relationship!

Now…Where Did I Put That Ring?

Proposing is a big deal, so you'll want to make sure you do it properly. Location can really determine how a proposal is received, so put some thought into choosing the right spot. If you pick some of the more popular destinations however, you're sure to end up proposing to your girlfriend in a place she loves and avoid any disappointments along the way.

Five Reasons to Love the UK Summer

Considering the weather can be so lousy in the winter months, the UK manages to attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world when the summer comes around. In many ways, the country seems to come to life after its hibernation from early May onwards, and as soon as the temperatures start to rise there’s a noticeable feeling of regeneration in the air.

The main tourist-centric cities of London and Edinburgh still draw in the visitors in the winter, of course, but the rest of the country remains something of a forgotten destination when it’s cold and the days are short. The British summer is therefore nothing short of a delightful experience, and here are five reasons why it’s so popular. You can browse stylebuzzer.com to get more information about it.


The health benefits of a warmer and sunnier season cannot be underestimated, especially when viewed in contrast to the grey skies and freezing temperatures of the winter. A significant proportion of UK residents suffer to a greater or lesser extent from Seasonal Affected Disorder, and this is one of the main reasons why the month of May represents such an important time of the year.


Several of the world’s most prestigious – and most popular – sporting events take place in Britain during the warmer months. Football’s FA Cup Final in May is one of the highlights of the game’s annual calendar, as is the weekend in mid-August when a new season kicks off once again. The Wimbledon tennis championships span June and July, while the British Open golf tournament is held in July.


In recent years, a number of British travelers, not to mention many thousands from overseas, have rediscovered the delights of holidaying in the UK. The traditional British seaside resort, with its beautiful beaches, fun attractions and the freshest fish and chips in the land, is experiencing a renaissance, and of course, the stunning countryside is a magnet for campers, hikers and caravanners.


While most people who enjoy a UK city break will inevitably head to either London or Edinburgh, there are several more cities which deserve to be enjoyed. They include destinations which were built on industrial growth during the Victorian era such as Manchester, Glasgow, and Sheffield and places which owe their whole existence to Britain’s once-mighty sea-faring tradition, like Liverpool, Bristol, and Belfast.


The British countryside enjoys a reputation for stunning beauty, especially when it comes alive in the summer. Whether you’re enjoying the panoramic views of the spectacular Scottish highlands or gazing in wonder at the rugged Cornwall coastline, you will be amazed at the diversity and majesty. If you’re driving, cycling or walking anywhere in rural Britain, be sure to always have your camera with you.