The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy For Childbirth

Hypnosis has been used as an analgesic to help reduce the pain and reduce drug against pain during childbirth for at least a century. Most recently, is it starting to gain some momentum and become a common method for controlling pain during childbirth?

Women everywhere are adopting this method with open arms because they realize they can have a natural birth without fear and learning the same through various audiobooks and CDs. They should not rely on epidurals and drugs against pain. You can get the best information about hypnobirthing audiobook via

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What are the main benefits of hypnotherapy for childbirth?

Several studies have been conducted in the field of HypnoBirthing. Here is a rundown of the results:

1. Women in their second or third quarters are more suggestible (more easily able to achieve hypnosis)

2. Mothers psychologically benefit from hypnosis (without fear)

3. When used throughout pregnancy, mothers have had less fear or anxiety about the process of birth or even becoming a mother

4. During hypnosis, breathing woman takes a natural rhythm

5. Psychologically benefit newborns hypnosis of their mother; Newborns can even retrace our emotions

6. Fewer women needed drugs against pain during labor

7. Women had less pain during childbirth; most felt that the "pressure"

8. Hypnosis reduces the amount of necessary medical intervention during labor

9. Hypnosis has helped turn breech babies

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