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The Family Law Concerns of a Paternity Attorney

Paternity lawyers are those who practice family law. However, not all family attorneys can be considered paternity attorneys. It is crucial to establish the paternity for a child in order to determine who is financially responsible, who has the right of custody, and other legal issues regarding the welfare of the child. You can also hire a paternity attorney via

The attorney who is overseeing the father's paternity law may be trying to prove that the man is the father of the child they are asked to support. The fact that a couple is married does not necessarily mean that the man was the father of the children they had. Father's law concerns proving that the wife is right and that the children she had in the marriage were his offspring.

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The court systems of most states state that a child born to a married woman is automatically considered the father of the child if the husband is present. The court will order that the husband provides financial support for all children born to the wife after the couple has ended their marriage. Before the court can exempt the man from paying child support, he must prove that the child isn't his through a paternity check.

The mother’s legal concerns are that the man she married will attempt to claim the child is not hers to avoid having to support it. The mother's lawyer will need to stop the father’s alleged of the child from damaging the reputation of her mother by making false accusations. This type of case is best handled by a lawyer who has experience.

A DNA test is the only way to establish the lineage of a child. The DNA test will take blood or saliva from the father, mother, and child. Experts will compare the samples. Although each person has their own DNA, we all share some common DNA traits with our siblings and parents.


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