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The Importance Of Discipline And Accountability For Security Guards

The most important responsibility of a security company is to hold its security guards accountable and train them on a regular basis. This role is usually assigned to a field service manager who must visit randomly and frequently. Many field service managers see their responsibilities as security review. They do it to some extent, but it needs to be clear what that means and that verification is only twenty percent of the work. It is imperative that security forces are held accountable and disciplined.

However, the manager's responsibility does not end with warning security personnel in the event of a violation. Field supervisors should inquire about the 'challenges security guards in Sydney face' and provide assistance and experience. The field service manager must also keep in touch with the customer regarding security work. In this way, he can positively reinforce good behavior and train in disciplined matters.

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Positive reinforcement is the most important aspect of coaching. This shows employees that their positive behavior is appreciated and felt. This way he will continue his positive behavior. He will also send the message that managers are not just focused on negative behavior. 

If the security guard needs corrective training, the security guard will be more likely to listen and change his behavior because of the previous positive reinforcement. It is also very important to not only tell the safety officer what he is doing wrong and change his behavior but there needs to be a clear formula for how this message will be conveyed.

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