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The Importance of the Wedding Video

If you're only planning on hiring a photographer to capture the magical moments of your wedding, you might want to think twice after reading this.

Wedding photography certainly has its advantages. A photographer can capture a kiss, hug, or even a smile as beautiful images that are forever cemented in time. Because of this, the couple believes that only photos are needed to document their perfect day. 

However, these photos are just snippets. They are one dimensional and have no background or sound. To capture a very important moment like a wedding, video recording is key. You can contact a Hawaii Marriage videographer to record all the moments of your wedding day.

In the past, potential clients often underestimated the wedding video industry. Especially with the advent of video in the 80s and its sequels in the 1990s, many wedding filmmakers did a poor job and provided even worse customer service. Such videographers help develop the stigma attached to the industry as a whole. 

Due to the fact that wedding video recording, which was invented in 1980, is a very new industry, there is a lack of quality control and is therefore subpar. Often those in charge do poorly because they haven't formulated the right approach to handling video as well as they do with their customers.

All this changed at the beginning of the 21st century. In the early 2000s, a new wave of wedding videographers emerged with a different approach to making wedding videos. Videographers today no longer see the couple's wedding anniversary as just a regular concert, but as an opportunity to make a family documentary.

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