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The Lowdown on Carbon Fiber Driveshaft From QA1

While most gearheads give their engine buildup a lot of thought and planning time, very little attention is given to the driveshaft. It's often about stronger universal joints in that area. Modern technology allows us to create engines that produce two or three times as much power as the "good old days". The track suffered a damaged driveshaft and it was not pretty. The track was able to withstand the impact without any injuries, although the mufflers were damaged and the X-pipe suffered the most severe damage.

There are three types: aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. After testing and using all three, the carbon fiber shaft proved to be the most reliable and safest. Failure of a steel or aluminum driveshaft can cause serious damage to the motor, rear axle, engine, and body, as well as injuries to the driver. To get more details about Carbon Fiber Driveshafts you may browse this site.

Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

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A carbon-fiber driveshaft will not fail if its fibers are damaged enough to appear like a broomstick. Your pride and joy will suffer minimal if any, damage. It would have been cheaper to purchase the stronger and more expensive QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft in our case (see pix).

A quality shaft made of carbon fiber is more expensive, but it provides better strength and high-speed dynamics. It also has less rotational mass, which allows for faster acceleration.

You will need to complete the custom order form in order to order a QA1 REV series carbon-fiber driveshaft. You can access the order form on the QA1 website. This form shows where to find all measurements.

To ensure that the rear suspension has the correct amount of play, make sure the measurements are correct.

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