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The Natural Beauty of Granite Countertops

Are you building a house, modernizing the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom counter, vanity tops or even the fireplace and bar tops? Or you want to upgrade panel walls and floors of your home?

Currently, Long Island granite countertop installers have a lot to offer from plain stones or rocks to igneous rocks, or highly polished rock crystal. One good alternative is to use granite to create a beautiful granite countertop, polished with perfect topper in millions of colors to choose from.

Granite is found all over the world, classified as igneous, developed from the magma, cooled over millions of years, and compressed under great pressure.

It is found mostly in Brazil, Canada, Finland, India, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States where mines are common.

This stone was dug, cut into shape and polished to bring out the beauty. It is mainly composed of quartz, mica, and feldspar, providing a fine crystalline texture.

The beautiful color range of granite colors of black, red, blue, brown, green, orange, and white even mixed with other matching colors. This creates a lovely mosaic-like painting effect. Unique individual pieces of art provide a lasting appearance but can fit any kind of decorating because it occurs in a variety of natural colors.

Apart from the beautiful patina and colorful, granite marble is superior in strength, durability, and longevity; and it is resistant to stains including strong cleaning chemicals and high temperatures.

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