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The Reasons Why A Community Worship Gives People Peace

Human beings are living in a chaotic world, therefore, it is no longer surprising that some people are living lives that are corrupted by the evil ways of this world. However, human beings should not lose hope, since as long as God is present, they will always have an escape from the chaos. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that people belong to a Community Worship in Concord for this kind of community will give them peace that everyone desires to have.

In this digital age, as technologies helped members of mankind to live conveniently through the highly advanced devices that they have at work and at home, a majority still suffers from depression and anxiety. Today, when you look at the news, there are reports of people, even the famous ones, committing suicide. Indeed, this is because material wealth does not satisfy the soul.

Moreover, the minds of human beings are imposed with the fact that they should work hard every day and stuck in their offices for long hours in order to have success and contentment. However, people feel alone as they are in their offices. Sadly, this has ended up in some of the working people dragging their feet to their places of work instead of living their real purpose.

As social media continues to become the number one platform of communication, the brains of humans are embedded with the thoughts that material wealth, desires of the flesh, and pleasing their fellow humans should be prioritized. Sadly, this led to more people living discontented. This discontentment has lead some citizens to commit crimes in order to buy what they want, but cannot afford.

Thankfully, with the communities, they are able to get help from people who have gone through the same doubts, rejections, and disappointments and have conquered all those issues. Indeed, some people choose to share their problems on their friends and family members. However, if that family member or friend do not know Christ, therefore, they will still end up lost.

It is important that they belong to a church where they can still be themselves and still be accepted. The church is place of sick people, they have sickness in their souls, and the world is not able to help them, the world only encourages them to keep those issues inside their heats. The members of the church will encourage them to rely fully on God, and let of the past.

However, building a relationship with God can be challenging. The devil will convince you to do stuff that are not of God, and you will be convinced to do so since you are dwelling on your loneliness, discontentment, and depression. With the help of the community, fellow Christians will encourage you to turn away from sin, and focus on the Heavens.

Trials will come, and people will disappoint you, even those people you love. However, God never fails, and will continue to show you that you are worth it to be loved. Churches play a big part of the mending of your issues, and the returning of your soul to Christ, therefore, make sure that you belong to one.

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