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The Revolutionary College Safety App

Maybe you have been in a situation where you see a crime happening in a location but understand that if you called the police they won't arrive in the location in time? Or perhaps you'd been in a circumstance where there was a crisis which had happened and you're attempting to get in contact with the relevant crises but they simply don't appear to respond.

 If you get the latest personal safety app that's designed to make a safe (crime-free) environment in the college and school (k-12) campus to create superior emergency management then you may visit this site.

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 Perhaps your situation could differ, you've gone out with friends and also would love to return home but you understand you're now alone. It might not be safe for you to return home alone and you're in desperate need of an expert escort that will take you home. A lot of people have been in these scenarios and much more in our own lives.

The faculty safety app that we've developed provides you access to emergency escort providers, emergency services, offense tipping providers, and a whole lot more. This support is targeted particularly for people in schools and their environs. Our solutions are superiors in those that now exist in the marketplace Due to the following attributes:

Highly accurate-Unlike traditional techniques that rely on old-fashioned GPS systems which might not be precise, we utilize an extremely efficient technology that's true to a fault. This technology identifies a specific place where a crisis is and provides the rescuer's sufficient information regarding the coordinates of this individual in need.

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