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Things That Are So Special About The Car Exhaust System

The exhaust system of a vehicle is often overlooked by car buyers. It is simply a pipe that runs from the back of the vehicle. This is true for most vehicles, but it's very misleading and leaves the exhaust system with a bad reputation.

The exhaust system's primary function is to remove the engine's exhaust so that it doesn't cause an engine to overheat or misfire. Holden Commodore VT-VZ SS Ute Twin 3″ Mild Steel Cat-Back Exhaust also helps to keep any harmful gases from reaching human occupants. 

The exhaust manifold is used to collect the fumes from vehicles and allow them to flow through the metal tubing to the ends. 

This method is inefficient because each engine's cylinders fire at different times. This causes an uneven flow of exhaust which can greatly reduce a car’s performance.

Headers are a good option for this problem if you want maximum performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Headers are another type of exhaust manifold. However, instead of being inexpensive and simple to make, they can be quite large and more costly and can be customized for each vehicle. 

Because each header pipe has the same size and shape, it serves the purpose of directing exhaust away from the engine in an even manner. This allows exhaust to flow faster out of the pipe than back to the engine. Headers are made by after-market accessory companies to improve the power and make an audible sound.

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