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Three Tips for Framing Art Prints

Art prints or posters would make an elegant accent piece for your home or office decor. First, figure out where you want to hang a piece of art so that you know the correct size to order. Next, choose a work of art according to your personal style and the style of the room decor.

When choosing a frame or template for your artwork, there are three simple rules to keep in mind to the frame like a pro. You can also purchase high-quality artworks online.

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1. Select a frame that matches the style of artwork.

Mold decoration might look too ancient to modern art prints. Traditional print art, such as the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti or The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, will look amazing in an ornate frame. However, traditional artwork also works with a standard frame.

2. The frame should complement the colors in the art of printing.

Always choose a darker frame of a poster or art print. It should also be darker than the walls unless you hang a white frame on the wall dark for contrast. A-frame should never match the dominant color in print, with one exception.

3. Stick with the same interior design style as the rest of the room.

The rooms are decorated with modern furnishings and accessories look great with a slim frame, simple and standard. A beautiful silver frame will really pop in a room decorated with cool colors. A framed print with plain black will add a touch of elegance.

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