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Top 2 Tips For Business Card Printing Online In Dublin

Choose the right color scheme

A color scheme communicates your brand’s qualities and values at a single glance. You can use colors to express whether your offerings are affordable or luxury, modern, formal, or casual. 

If your business is already established, make sure its current branding is captured across the entirety of your business stationery, including your business card. Therefore, it would be best if you leave these printing tasks in the hands of professionals via to get business cards online.

If not, consider which colors will best portray your message.

Will your business card work better colorful or subdued? While bright colors are great for standing out, a white business card with just a touch of color can give it a sophisticated edge.

Think about font

Another aspect of design that should be consistent with your brand image is the font. If you need to pick a new font, choose a type that is easy to read and that looks professional. 

Font size is equally important. There may be a lot of information you’d like to fit into a small space, but you should never sacrifice readability. 

Always check your design thoroughly and make sure to choose something larger still if a portion of your target audience may struggle with tiny letters, like senior citizens.

If you do need to communicate more than you can reasonably cram onto your business card, an option is to include a QR code on the back. Use this to send people to a relevant page on your website, plus this will also add a sense of modernity to your business card.

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