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Understand What Does A Biomedical Engineer Do?

Biomedical engineering involves the use of engineering principles to produce health care devices. These medical devices are used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in hospitals. 

What does a biomedical engineer do?

Biomedical engineers work with a team of medical professionals to design, research, and develop medical devices for companies like The Clinician eXchange. They work in hospitals, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, or government agencies. 

Their duties include the following:

  • Innovate and design new medical products.

  • Install medical equipment in health facilities

  • Repair damaged medical devices.

  • Train medical practitioners on how to operate complex medical instruments.

  • Ascertain the efficacy and safety of medical devices.

  • Writing reports and other technical documents.

Qualifications and skills 

Biomedical engineers take science subjects such as advanced maths, biology, chemistry, and physics. They are expected to be proficient with numbers and calculations. 

They are trained in a college-based program and they are awarded a biomedical engineering degree upon graduation. 

They undergo internship training in a health facility, a medical research firm, or a pharmaceutical company where they acquire practical skills required on the job. They need the following skills to perform their duties:

  • Communication skills: This skill is essential because they are involved in training medical professionals on how to use technical medical devices. Also, they communicate their discoveries from periodic research studies to health care stakeholders. 

  • Quantitative skills:  Biomedical specialists with statistics and data analysis during the course of their work. Quantitative skills are necessary for accurate data analysis necessary to make decisions.  

  • Problem-solving skills: Medical device engineers face lots of challenges during the development of medical devices. Problem-solving skills empower them to create innovative solutions.

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