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Understanding the Concept of Facebook Messenger Bot

An object oriented social networking application, which can also be called a social robot is a messenger bot. This application enables users to communicate with it via Facebook Messenger. A chatbot is an artificially intelligent agent that speaks to the user in a programmed language. They can also be artificial intelligence system that interprets user commands.

It has been observed that an increase in usage of Facebook Messenger services has led to the rise of a number of bots. An example of these applications is Messenger Bot. It is an open source application and is capable of communicating with Facebook Messenger.

The bot that runs on Facebook has a user interface on its status bar. Users can easily call on the bot by entering its name, the commands that they want to be addressed to and a word or phrase.

The bot can respond to the messages and responses that are sent to it. The information that the bot has about the users are stored in its database.

The bot can be used to compose emails. It can send out invitations to parties, meetings and conference calls. The bot can also search for the users' personal contacts, send messages back and forth and forward emails between the users.

Messages are sent to the bot through messages from users. It uses the responses that the bot gets from the users to respond to the messages.

The Messenger Bot application is compatible with all versions of Facebook. However, there is a limit to the number of users that can be connected to the bot simultaneously. There is a limit to the number of friends that the bot can have simultaneously.

The Facebook Messenger Bot can be set up as an extension of the site. It can be turned on and off with a single click. If the bot is turned off, the extension will disappear from the page.

Any kind of conversations that take place between the users and the bot will be logged in the Facebook Chat logs. The data that is used for the computation of new messages, received messages and sent messages will be collected from the chat logs.

The Facebook Messenger Bot application can also be managed remotely. It can be directed to perform tasks that need to be done, without the intervention of the users. It can be configured to process requests automatically based on a schedule.

The Facebook Messenger Bot can also send messages to the external users. It can access other users' messages and use them in order to create the contextual responses. It can respond to these messages by copying the relevant information and sending it back to the external user.

The Facebook Messenger Bot application can also be used to view information from its database. It can search for the information and display it to the users. It can also download information from the internet.

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