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VISA – Initial Public Offering

When Dee Hock coined the term VISA in 1975, he predicted the future and initial public offering. This service has gained global acceptance and acts like a union of BankAmerica, Barclaycard, Chargex and other licensees. In accordance with its vision, VISA has become and continues to be a synonym for payment technology and credit card companies throughout the world.

This restructuring is the first step towards one of the largest and most well-known US initial public offerings. Within a year after rival credit card company, MasterCard submitted an initial public offering and only a few months after the VISA restructuring was completed, VISA Inc. You can explore to get more information about visa offerings.

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The entry of VISA to the market is highly anticipated because of the possible positive impact on the market and the banks that have joint VISA. In March 2008, VISA went public with half its shares valued at between $ 37 and $ 42. In the end, 406 million shares were sold at a price of $ 44 per share, $ 2 above the highest point and raised $ 17.9 billion.

As a result of this success, investor confidence in the market has been restored. In addition, the initial public offering also provided sufficient VISA capital to venture into new markets such as Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America which are greener pastures compared to saturated markets in the US and UK.  

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