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Water Conservation Using Half Pool Covers

Each pool of wasting billions of gallons of water that can be stored. 

It is well known that the pool enclosures can reduce water evaporation by up to 95%, but less than 30% of the pool are using a cover. The current limitations imposed by a cover full of mostly boils down to two issues. You can know more about pool enclosures via

The Twofold Problem

First, the full cover difficult to share. Complete cover is large and should be stocked in 50 or more size requires a considerable amount of floor space to have covers on hand for different sized swimming pool. If the size is out of stock, the customer must wait until another truck warehouse rearranging covers. Problems of distribution and stocking it severely restricts the available stock on hand at any one time and prevent customers from being able to purchase on demand.

Second, full covers partially fit rectangular pool only. Covering initially came off the production line as a sheet in a variety of rectangular shape and heat the stitching together of different widths. They can be cut further to size oval or round, however the majority of pools built today are irregular free form shapes and custom designs.

In order to accommodate the free-form swimming pool forming many times customers have to oversize the cover which means ordering a cover even larger than needed and cake-cutting cover for free-form swimming pool by using the pool inside the bay as a guide. But this can create a lot of waste. And how do you accommodate said L-form swimming pool?


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