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What Are Rare-Earth Magnets?

Strong magnets made from alloys of rare earth metal (hence the name). Standard magnets are usually made of nickel, iron or ceramic, which generates a magnetic field that is strong enough.

But the rare-earth magnet, on the other hand, produced with metal alloys that offer a strong magnetic field, the more intense. To learn more about this miracle of manufacturing and application used, keep reading.


Strength Rare-Earth Magnets

So, how strong is the rare-earth magnet? To put the power in perspective, ferrite or ceramic magnets create a magnetic field ranges somewhere between 0.5-1 tesla, while the rare-earth magnet generates a magnetic field of 1.5-tesla plus. In other words, it is roughly 2-3 times stronger than a standard magnet.

The term "rare earth magnets" is somewhat of a misnomer because the metals used in their construction does not need scarce. According to a paper published by Robert J bobber in 1981, rare earth magnets are about as rare metals such as lead or tin.

Neodynium Rare-Earth Magnets

Neodymium is the strongest and most affordable type of rare earth magnets. Created in 1980, it is made from a combination of neodymium, iron, and boron (NIB abbreviated).

Initially, neodymium magnets are expensive to produce (and purchase). Thanks to expanded mining operations and patent restrictions are removed, though, they are now the lowest type of rare-earth magnets in the market.

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