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What Does A White Owl Symbolize?

White owls, also known as snowy owls, are commonly depicted in fiction stories about witches, magic, mystery, and wizards. This is in keeping with the significance of the white owl in various religions.

Of all the owls mentioned in mythical tales, The white owl is probably the most famous. White owls exhibit a quiet and contemplative appearance which makes them enjoyable to gaze at and admire.

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The spiritual significance of the owl includes transformation, change, and inner wisdom as the white one is not any different.

What's the significance behind the white Owl?

The significance of a white owl lies in its spiritual significance, which includes the cycles of death and birth that result in spiritual development. They also have a connection with witchcraft, magic, and spiritual transformation.

White Owl symbolism

  • Owls of white symbolize transformation, change, as well as inner wisdom.

  • The color white is also a symbol of purity and innocence, expressing purity, light, brilliance, cleanliness, spirituality, illumination, and purity. So, it's likely fortunate to meet an owl of white.

  • The white owl is also a symbol of perseverance, which can aid you in achieving your greatest goals and encourage you to feel more confident about following them and achieving your goals.

In Greek myths, the goddess Athena considered the owl as a holy animal, therefore if the bird flew above soldiers fighting in battle, it was a sign that it was the Goddess of War who was smiling on the soldiers.

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