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What Is The Age Limit For Egg Donation Treatment?

Infertility problems are quite common these days. But many thanks to our modern medical science that today there are more ways than ever to solve this problem. Egg donation treatment helpful for the parents who wanted to have a baby. This program is made possible through advances in medical technology and the beauty of the human heart.

Egg donation is highly recommended for couples who want to have children, but women have difficulty in conceiving by her own eggs. Usually, when a woman's ovaries do not produce enough healthy eggs to get pregnant, she was advised to use donor eggs.

Following are the criteria for the Egg Donor:

Standard egg donation program can vary from clinic to clinic, but most of the criteria have been established to improve the chances of pregnancy and for legal reasons. Age is a major factor affecting the outcome of reproductive techniques. 

Egg donors must be aged between 21 and 35, although most agencies do not accept the program of women over 30 years. To legally enter into a contract you must be aged 21 years and younger than 35 older women tend to respond poorer than the younger ones in their 20s. You can refer to  to know more why the age limit is necessary for an egg donor.


To be eligible, a disease donor must be healthy, have been transmitted there is PMS, existing or genetic disease a few in the family, do not have new tattoos or body piercings, it must be physically and emotionally able to go through the entire program, not psychological problems and had to catch or have already obtained a degree. 

The criteria are basically established to ensure that the young woman and her ovum healthy enough to produce a healthy pregnancy and baby. Most couples tend to look for young women who have similar characteristics and look identical to those that help couples find that the child will behave and look like they are as if it is their genetic.

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