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What Is The Magic Of A Private Yacht Charter?

The Captain of the Yacht will typically provide the best itinerary and knows the area in which you cruise with the most picturesque harbors, the most tranquil beaches, and the best snorkeling and scuba spots. 

The choice is yours since the itinerary can be altered. If you find an area you love and want to book a private yacht charter rental in Riviera Maya, you may take a longer time in that area.

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A gourmet chef is at your beck and call. Feast on world-class cuisine and fine wine. Relax in the sumptuous comfort of your yacht. 

For experienced sailors, the fully crewed charter is your chance to sail aboard a luxury-class yacht, while you do as little or as much sailing as you wish. Marvelous gourmet meals are prepared and served by your chef. 

The fully crewed charter is a cruise vacation with a touch of adventure. You're not lost in the crowd as you would be on a huge cruise ship. You have an entire private yacht to yourself, and its crew completely at your service.

Guest accommodations are always private, with separate crew quarters that enable your crew to offer attentive, yet unobtrusive service.

Chartering is an ideal vacation for many different groups of people: corporate events, families, groups of friends, or just couples wanting a peaceful and romantic getaway. 

Chartering need not be an expensive vacation and very often will cost less than staying in a good resort hotel. Private yacht charters are available all over the world.

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