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What Type of Print Marketing Material Should You Use?

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Print materials work for every business, be it any segment – B2B or B2C. And when branding and conversions are involved, designing the best ones becomes a priority. The success of a print marketing campaign depends on the right choice of design, content, and most importantly, the material. And if you aren’t sure what material you should use, the following list of types of marketing materials can help you decide.

  • Postcard: It’s a mailing material that comes with a prominent picture on 1 side and a message on the other. In a postcard, the image should be interesting enough to grab the attention of the reader, arousing interest to figure out extra information.
  • Brochure: It is used for several reasons. Generally, a brochure is a standard paper folded horizontally in 3 parts with content on each side. While designing a brochure, always think about how your reader will read the content and create the right order. Most businesses use some call to action and logos which appear instantly when a reader opens a brochure.
  • Sales letter: It is generally a full paper sheet with a message written with a purpose to sell a service or a product. While designing and writing a sales letter, you should use clearly readable fonts, interesting topography, and a well-written message. A carefully designed sales letter helps readers read and interpret the whole thing in the way intended.
  • Poster: A poster is a big printing material used to grab the attention of the audience outdoors. Big and high contrast designs and high-print quality are the essentials of a poster.

You can also use pamphlets and leaflets for promotion. Working with a commercial printer from Brisbane can help you choose the best for your business needs.

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