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What’s better – Short Term Accommodation or A Hotel?

You have planned your vacation, and now you choose a destination. Meanwhile, I hope that you do not miss booking your search. Are you going on a business trip or you take your family members for a holiday, it is always better that you reserve a place that offers a variety of facilities to suit your needs. If you are looking for the short term accommodation in Melbourne you can check here now.

What's better - Short Term Accommodation or A Hotel?

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We all know that the hotel is quite popular in all tourist destinations in the world, but what about privacy and luxury.

1. The guest house has a larger space

When you stay at guesthouse, you enjoy a larger space than a hotel. In the latter one, you only get 1-2 room you are booking. However, in the former one, you get the whole space to enjoy. In fact, when you are going on a business trip, you can stay in these places. You can set up a meeting with your colleagues as well.

2. Limited privacy

From my experience, I know that there is little privacy in the hotel. There are many different types of people coming from every corner of the world to live in.

3. The private pool and garden areas

When you choose a B & B Lodge, you can enjoy in the private pool area or in the garden to your liking. You can even have your breakfast in the garden. Both of these areas are the best place to relax and spend leisure time. You can rarely get a private pool or garden.

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