What’s The Air Diffuser And Its Types.

Air diffusers are common elements in the air conditioning system and while they are fairly simple elements, they play an important role in the overall efficiency of the air conditioning system.

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There are several types of air diffusers based on the way they relieve airflow. Types of air Diffusers:

  • Simple one-way diffusers only guide the air flow in one direction. Type diffusers are generally mounted on the wall conversor ventilation duct.
  • Two-way diffusers, three-way and even four-way diffusers are also available for a more uniform spread of air is pumped and is typically used in the floor or ceiling installations or installations with higher air output.

A rectangular diffuser is suitable to be installed everywhere, whether it’s the air duct wall, on the floor or ceiling register duct while a more precise round diffusers for ceiling mounting.

They can also be categorized by their shape or location of the installation. They are cheap, easy to install and the benefits are numerous.