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What’s The Difference Between Cinematography And Videography?

When it comes to creating recorded content (films and videos), there are some confusing terms that must be understood in order to ensure you choose the right partner. Whether you want to make an informative video or a promotional product, you need to know the difference between cinematography and videography.

Although similar, the two terms are not interchangeable. 


In the traditional sense, cinema refers to actual film recording or digital cinema with a large crew. It shows another aspect of the world of traditional filmmaking – massive sets, cranes, carts and runways that cameras and cameramen can ride while filming, along with massive lighting fixtures and more.


Videography refers to taking pictures in digital format, not traditional recording. Decorations, lighting and other elements may or may not be included. Videography is not usually associated with filmmaking, but this is where adoption grows. Videographers are usually small crew operators or work independently. Expect videographers in Sydney can provide the best videography services.

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Other differences

Apart from the information above, there are other important differences between operators and video operators. Cameras usually consist of a large crew with cameramen who manage the camera and lighting departments. 

To know more about videograhy, you can also contact Be More Creative. There are many more decision-makers on set, from producer to director, assistant director to cameraman. The cameraman works with the camera while the cameraman ensures that every decision is beneficial to the film's vision, director, and project goals. Often referred to as a cameraman, a cameraman brings to life the director's vision through lighting and composition.

The situation is different with videography. The video operator is usually a cameraman as well. Videography usually assumes that the person is working alone or as part of a small crew.

While cinematography refers to filmmaking and filmmaking, videography refers to things like live television broadcasting, making TV commercials, corporate videos, wedding videos, and the like. Video operators can handle other aspects of the process, including editing and audio, while operators usually don't.

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