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Why are Accidents Happening at Construction Site?


A study by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) stated that in the year 2012 around 3000 plus workers died out of which 20% of the people belong to the construction industry. There are a ton of reasons that leads to accidents at construction sites and these are some of the reasons behind such incidents.

  1. By Falling – Fall is usually considered as the most common type of injuries at construction sites. Failure to look around the surrounding carefully along with places that has no guardrails are common accidents.
  2. Getting Struck by Objects – In 2012, around 78 construction workers died when struck by an object. However, this problem can be avoided by offering proper training to all the workers making it safer to work at the construction site.
  3. Accidents While Handling Machines – In the construction industry heavy machines such as excavators, bulldozers along small to medium size equipment is used on a daily basis. However, operating the heavy machines requires proper training and without that accidents are bound to happen such as fatal accidents. Therefore, only experienced workers are supposed to use heavy machines.
  4. Getting Electrocuted – A total of 66 workers were known to get electrocuted in the year of 2012. This accident happens when there is a presence of an energized power source and the worker is totally unaware of it. Putting some type of sign would be helpful to avoid such accidents.

Using earthmoving equipment in Brisbane should be carefully used at the construction site to avoid accidents.

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