Why Cant I Connect To Www Mywifiext Net For New Extender Setup?

When you are trying to set up a new Netgear WiFi Range Extender, then you must ensure that the access to www mywifiext net setup is available to you because if you can’t access this website, then the extender setup process won’t complete successfully. After connecting your extender to the router by pressing WPS button on both devices or connecting the devices through an Ethernet cable. You should also keep both devices close to each other or else, problems related to the extender setup will appear.

Once that part is sorted, you should connect the extender to the computer using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. As that happens, you should launch a web browser and open the aforementioned web address. If that opens, then you can login to the web interface of your extender by entering the default username and password. In case, you are not able to login, then you should check if you have entered the web address properly or not. If yes, then you should check all the steps for errors. If you are not able to find any issue, then you should get in touch with experts for quick and reliable assistance regarding this or any other issue befalling Netgear WiFi Range Extender.

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