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Why Did The Foundation Crack Rise?

Many of the cracks in the base are due to changes in the floors that support your home. Changes in weather can also cause changes to the soil surrounding the foundation of your home. There are also various other ‘causes of vertical foundation cracks’ (also known as ‘Les Causes Des Fissures De Fondation Verticales’ in the French Language).

Is a Quarter-Inch Crack in My Foundation a Major Concern ...

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In other cases, dramatic periods of rain can prevent water from filling soil around your base, which could cause cracking. If a shortage or flow of water continues for a long period of time, the support layer may be affected.

If the soil has shrunk under the plinth for a long time, it may sometimes take some time for the base to crack and settle down significantly. However, the problem is usually not resolved. The only way to know that the stability is by transferring the weight of the structure well beyond the active soil.

There are foundation repair companies that have regular updates on soil conditions in the Denver area so you can see what's going on in your home. If your base is cracked, wrinkled, or splintered, that could also be a factor of foundation crack. Some of these factors can be relatively inexpensive and easy to remove, while others require a permissible solution for foundation repair. 

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