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Why We Chose Live-In Care?

It has come time to hire assistance for my aging mother. She can no longer take care of herself all the time and neither of us wants me to have put my life aside to care for her around the clock. After looking at all the options, we have decided that hiring live-in care in Liverpool is the best for our situation.

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One of the best parts of hiring someone to come to my mom's house to help her is that we don't have to move her into a facility. Rather, she gets to stay right in her own house.

 This feels really good to me because my mom still has a lot of life in her. The idea of her being locked up in a nursing home just sounds awful to me – and to her, too!

When comparing the options, we found that the cost of hiring someone to come to her home is much less than the cost of a retirement or nursing home. It makes sense, too, since those places provide around the clock medical care plus hosting activities and meals and such.

Staying home, my mom will get the help she needs to make meals, keep the house clean, do laundry, take her pills and get to appointments. She can continue her regular life but now she will have someone by her side making sure she stays safe.

Even though it costs less, having a live-in care provider means my mom will have someone she knows helping her.


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